What is political science? It is a study which focuses on the practice of government
and politics. It can focus on politics at the state, local, international and
national levels. Politics affect citizenship in different ways. The study of
politics aims at identifying ways in which the politics affect the way of life
of people. There are several subcategories of political science. They involve
the following fields:

Political Theory

It deals with foundations of politics at the community level. It also focuses on politics
in different institutions. You learn on how human nature and the moral purpose affect
political associations. Political writings from ancient civilizations such as ancient
Greek play a role in making people understand the different concepts of political
science. There are several moral philosophers who explain different theorems in
the field of political science. The theory leads to inspiring citizens to focus
and develop citizenship concepts which can affect their daily lives.

Comparative Politics

It is a wide field which compares different types of politics to know the best which suit
different occasions. Students learn on how different communities developed. It
leads to realization of how different politics leads to development of communities.
To know the best political systems, it is necessary to go through the comparisons
of different political set ups. The study makes it possible to come up with the
right studies which can make you achieve great success in your political field.

International Relations

The study leads to understand how nations across the world relate to each other and how international
communities relate to each other. Scholars analyze different interactions
between nations such as world trade, international finance and foreign investments.
It is abroad branch of political science which leads to realization of
different aspects of international corporations. The way governments relate matters
when it comes to the global peace and economy. The subfield touches on those areas

American Government and Politics

Learns seek to understand how the United States operates. They touch on areas such as the congress;
the US presidency among other aspects of the United States government. The United
States government has several departments; there are different ideas which lead
to the development of the United States. The political science makes it
possible to understand the way the politics in the United States work. Students
find the American political science as an interesting subfield. The United
States is a successful nation which has a strong political model which many
state across the globe try to emulate. Leasers try to go deep so that they can discover
different government departments which make it easy to solve different political

Political Methodology

It is a subfield where students learn methodology and philosophical bases of political science.
The learners also touch on social sciences as well as empirical and research
design. The field covers different areas of engagement in the study of
political science. There are several universities which offer courses in political
science. If you are looking for a way you can achieve great success in your
study, it is necessary to carry out enough research so that you can know the
best university where you can register and gain the necessary knowledge.



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