What is psychology? It involves studying behavior and the mind. Human beings act in
different ways due to the way their brains work. Psychology tries to relate the
way people behave and their brain. Other aspects of life which influence ones behavior
are also tackled in the study of psychology. Psychologists can treat patients through
application of psychotherapy procedures. Behavioral changes can be used to relieve
pain and other symptoms. There are different psychological studies such as cognitive,
social, forensic as well as development psychology. The different types of
psychology deal with different aspects of life. Some of the branches of
psychology include the following:




It is a study
which aims to integrate science, practice, and theory to understand and predict
problems. The clinical psychology can be applied to relieve different health
problems through adjustments of behavior.




investigates mental processes such as memory, problem solving, language and learning.
The study looks on how individuals think, communicate, perceive and remember
things. It is closely related to neuroscience, linguistics and psychology.




It is a
systematic study of different psychological changes which people experience
over their lifespan. It is also referred to as human development. The study is
carried out on people of all ages. Some of the factors which are taken into consideration
in the study include moral understanding, problem solving, motor skills, acquiring
language, personality, emotions, self-control and identify formation. Under
development psychology you cover fields such as:




It looks
into the ways behaviors in human such as language has been affected through
psychological adjustments in the evolution process. A specialist in
evolutionary psychology believes human traits are adaptive.




It is the
application of psychology in the criminal investigation process. The psychologist
practices psychology as a science in the criminal justice system to help in the
solving of cases in the civil courts. The expert analyses psychological effects
which can affect a case.




It is also referred
to as behavioral medicine. The medical psychology observes the behavior, social
content, biology and other factors which influence health and illness. A
physician can look at the biological cause of the diseases, but the psychologist
will look at the whole life of a person to identify the cause of the health complication.
You will find health psychologists working alongside other health professionals.




structure and functions of the brain are analyzed under the study. It aims to relate
the way the bran relates to psychological processes. You will involve a neuropsychologist
if the condition under study involves lesions in the individual brain. The study
can relate the chances of individuals suffering from brain complications such as




The experts
deal with assessing and making recommendations related to the way people perform
in their work or trainings. The study can lead to understanding ways companies
can utilize their work force well for better results.




It uses scientific
methods to understand the way social influences can affect behavior. It explains
feelings, thoughts and behavior affect people. The different branches of psychology
available deal with specific areas. They
play a great role in the wellbeing of people as far as mental issues are concerned.




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